Seed Grants

You are invited to apply for the rest 23 Seed Grants for 2015, with per request of up to $300. As long as the technologies applied for are based the needs of teaching and learning in a class, CIT can process your requests by Tuesday, May 26, 2015.  You will also be invited to share your use of technologies sponsored by the CIT Seed Grants in fall 2015 at a series of showcase events.

CIT offers Seed Grants for faculty who want to explore technologies for a specific course-based educational need. All faculty are eligible to apply. Seed Grants are small grants of up to $300.00 that may be used to purchase technology-related materials, such as software or hardware, to enhance or develop an instructional project. Those who are new to technology are especially encouraged to apply. These grants are not intended for administrative purposes.

A JMU faculty is eligible for two Seed Grants per academic year. CIT will honor up to $300.00 per request from one faculty member in one semester. The amount beyond $300.00 should be approved by the corresponding department with an Agency Transaction Voucher (ATV) process.

Note: The CIT Seed Grant does not sponsor technologies made available through subscription. Request of downloaded software cannot be guaranteed of sponsoring before the download source is researched by the CIT. 

If you are a participant in a CIT institute or immersion program, please refer to this page for more details about technology request:

How Do I Apply?

To request a Seed Grant, fill out the form below.

When Do I Apply?

Seed Grants are awarded throughout the year, so there are no deadlines. You can apply at any time.

When Will I Be Notified?

Your request will be considered within 2 weeks of submission. Upon approval, the materials will be purchased for you by the CIT.

What is Expected of Me?

In order to disseminate ideas about the use of technology in education, we ask that you make a brief presentation along with other Seed Grant recipients at a Faculty Showcase session scheduled around recipients' availability. We ask that you briefly discuss how you used the materials purchased with the Seed Grant funds and address some of the following issues as appropriate:

  • The overall success of using the materials purchased
  • If the project wasn't a success, why not? What could we learn from your experience?
  • How you benefited from developing the project
  • How your students benefited from the project
  • Future plans for using technology in your teaching and learning activities
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