High Five!

3D Printing Goes to the Theater

CIT has been teaming up with some unexpected partners, including JMU’s Summer Children’s Theatre.

Every summer, some of JMU’s Theatre and Dance students get the opportunity to put on professional productions of popular children’s plays and musicals. This year’s lineup includes Schoolhouse Rock Live!, a compilation of the popular educational songs like “Conjunction Junction” and “Just a Bill.”

This production deals with lots of colorful props and costumes. The production’s costume designer, Kathleen Conery, discovered that 3D printing was ultimately easier after taking part in CIT’s “3D Design Intro: Making a Customized Object” workshop.

“We often need items that just can't be found in your average shopping mall. We are used to taking things apart and putting them back together, using things in ways they were never designed to be used, in order to get the look we want. How amazing would it be to be able to design just what we want and then print it out as is?”

For this particular project, Kathleen decided to design letter buttons that spelled out the word “NOUNS” for costumes in a song called, “A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing.”

    As an actor in Schoolhouse Rock Live! and a CIT Learning Technology Consultant, Christina Ramsey has had the exciting opportunity of printing and wearing one set of Kathleen’s buttons, “It has been very exciting to see theatre and 3D printing join forces!”