High Five!

Innovative Uses for Canvas Technology Grants

The Canvas Diploma Technology Grant is a $200 grant for those who have completed all five CIT Canvas workshops including Orientation, 101, 113, 211, and 234. It is also available for those who complete the Canvas Online Training. Many faculty have come up with innovative ideas for how to use their Canvas technology grants.

Jerry Weniger from the Health Sciences department requested iVUE Camera Glasses for his Canvas Technology Grant. He was having trouble finding good quality, professional video demonstrations of techniques he teaches such as joint injections, laryngotracheal intubation, and wound suturing. He said, “With theses video glasses, I plan on creating my own demonstration videos to use in class.”

Michael Moghtader from the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication used his grant towards a GoPro camera to use with his GHUM 200: Great Works of Environmental Literature course. He took CIT’s Digital Storytelling workshop and it inspired him incorporate digital storytelling into his curriculum.  Michael plans to use the GoPro to create a larger sense of the natural world by bringing in various perspectives, which he will do by altering the camera view. His story created with the GoPro will serve as a model for the students in his course to create their own digital stories.

Katie Dredger from the College of Education has introduced the pecha kucha presentation format in her courses, where students display 20 slides for 20 seconds each. This presentation format was developed to force presenters to think critically about the importance and effectiveness of the information they are presenting. Katie's Canvas Technology Grant was used to purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker. With the speaker, she can present pecha kucha presentations that have been recorded or are being presented in an area where speakers would be needed, such as a large room or outdoors. She also sees the benefit of using the portable speaker when she needs to present off campus and is unsure of the technology available.  

Curious to learn more about the Canvas Diploma Technology Grant and how to request one?

Visit http://cit.jmu.edu/announcements/canvas_diploma_technology_grant for more info.

Just as a reminder, the deadline for grant requests is May 16!