High Five!

Charles Harris Award of Distinction - Barbara Reisner

    Congratulations to Barbara Reisner for receiving the Charles Harris Award of Distinction!  This award was created by JMU's Center for Instructional Technology to honor Dr. Charles Harris. The individuals that receive this award must exhibit and model the values, qualities, skills and practices that underlie the work of The Center for Instructional Technology. They must also contribute to CIT and JMU, along with demonstrating excellent use of instructional technologies in their teaching.

    Barbara Reisner is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Reisner is an early adopter who has worked for seven years with CIT and is constantly improving how she teaches with technology. She is involved with other chemistry professionals around the use of technology and she teaches in EPIC in the JMU Student Success Center. Reisner has worked with faculty to build learning resources such as the Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr) project.  VIPEr was developed by a group of faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions such as DePauw, Reed, Harvey Mudd, Hope, Earlham, the Claremont Colleges and JMU. VIPEr is the website for Interactive Online Network of Inorganic Chemists (IONiC), which is a virtual community of practice. Also, it facilitates the development of learning materials and circulation to the inorganic community. VIPEr provides materials for teaching inorganic chemistry and also serves as a place where faculty can discuss inorganic chemistry.

    Reisner was also a faculty facilitator for the Teaching Unleashed Sandbox because of her experience teaching with her iPad using Doceri. Doceri is an interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder app that allows for users to be interactive by hand draw graphics and to use the remote desktop control (www.doceri.com). She has also been a supporter of clicker use and supports CIT at many events including focus groups used to gather feedback on our services.

    High Five to Barbara for making great contributions to JMU and CIT!