High Five!

CIT Workshop Registration

Have you checked out CIT’s new workshop registration system? We wanted something new that would be easier for us to manage and much more intuitive to navigate for our customers and we got it! CIT’s Senior Developer and Systems Engineers Leighton Shank and Jon Short worked with CIT’s Director of Faculty Development & eLearning Programs Andrea Adams and Administrative Assistant Bobbi Simonsen to design the new system and get it up and running in just one semester! The overall goal for developing the new system was to consolidate the process into one single, easy to use, streamlined system.

Leighton, Jon, Andrea, and Bobbi used some great collaborative tools as the project progressed. They used Trello for project management and HipChat as a developer tool. Leighton and Jon are excited for this new system to make everyone’s life easier, especially Bobbi. She used to have to do a lot of work on the back-end because our previous registration system was much more manual. Now, everything is incredibly simple with the new and improved system.

The new registration system is web-based and is available on mobile devices, which allows for our customers to easily sign up for our workshops and keep track of what they have signed up for.  Rather than our customers having to enter in all of their data when signing up for a workshop, they simply log in with their e-ID and password and it pulls all of their info from the JMU directory. Also, when you sign up for a workshop, it’s simply one click. Once you’ve signed up, you are automatically sent a confirmation email that includes a calendar invite.

Visit https://workshop.cit.jmu.edu/ to check out the new registration system. Don’t forget to browse our workshops and sign up while you’re there!