High Five!

Collaboration Space in ISAT


    Have you ever wondered what the outcome would be if professors got a say in classroom design? In the case of ISAT 336, 337 and 343, the outcome was very positive and beneficial to the professors and students. Last summer, CIT's Classroom Technology Support (CTS) worked with the Computer Science department in ISAT to come up with an idea to allow professors to collaborate effectively with their students in the classroom. They wanted to be able to display all of the students’ work on the classroom projectors.

    The solution that they came up with is called AirMedia, which is a wireless HD Presentation device that allows for 32 users to be connected at once, which is enough for the lab classrooms. The AirMedia allows for you to present using PowerPoint, Word documents, PDFs, and photos from a Mac or PC. Also, you are able to connect mobile devices.

    Louise Temple-Rosebrook, an Integrated Science & Technology professor, has benefited greatly from the AirMedia device. Her students are now able to take their work and show it on the screen, allowing their classmates to see and critique it.  They are able to learn more effectively because of this arrangement.  Furthermore, Professor Temple says, AirMedia “revolutionized the learning” that takes place in her classroom.

    High Five to CTS and the Computer Science department for making a change that is beneficial to both professors and students.