High Five!

EPIC Spaces in the Student Success Center

Have you visited the classrooms on the fourth floor of the new Student Success Center? There are eight classrooms in the EPIC center which feature wall-to-wall whiteboards, multiple projection points, and furniture on wheels. EPIC stands for Enhancing Pedagogy through Innovative Classrooms and that is exactly what these rooms are built to do. 

JMU President Jon Alger and Associate VP of University Planning and Analysis, Brian Charette, co-teach a leadership honors course in EPIC. Dr. Charette said that the technology in EPIC provides “flexibility to use a wide variety of teaching tools and also allows for students to create and make their own presentations right there in the classroom.” He also mentioned how easy the technology is to use because it’s all integrated with a single control panel. CFI’s Cara Meixner and CIT’s Jamie Calcagno-Roach and Elaine Kaye have assisted President Alger and Dr. Charette with both the instructional design and the technology support for facilitating their class in EPIC. Charette said, “From the technology, to the space design, to details such as the availability of the lockers, teaching in the EPIC center has been a wonderful experience for us.”  

Read more about their experience in teaching in EPIC at http://www.breezejmu.org/news/article_3af6a182-5281-11e4-9d25-001a4bcf6878.html.

CIT Faculty Associate Dr. Sean McCarthy is also teaching two Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication courses in EPIC: WRTC 103 (Critical Reading and Writing) and WRTC 450 (Digital Rhetoric). He utilizes the flexible furniture and multiple projectors by putting his students into different configurations to have different groups of students working on different projects and be able to project different screens for each group. Dr. McCarthy said that his students enjoy having class in EPIC, saying “They love the comfort and flexibility of the chairs and desks, and they particularly love being able to write on the walls!”

For more information on EPIC or to apply to teach in the EPIC center, please visit http://www.jmu.edu/epic/.

Last three photos by Debbie Pugh