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Faculty Associate Feature: David Stringham

    David Stringham is a Faculty Associate in CIT and a member of the Learning Spaces team. His primary role on the team is to provide a faculty perspective in CIT. One of the projects that he assists CIT with is planning the Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Conference, which provides an opportunity to bring together educators using technology to share best practices and to make using technology a positive educational experience.  He is also involved with the Enhancing Pedagogy through Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) committee. Additionally, Stringham assists with the different Sandbox workshops that CIT offers to faculty.

    Stringham enjoys being a Faculty Associate in CIT because it provides an opportunity to interact with colleagues throughout the campus. He is able to take what he has learned from CIT and other faculty members and adapt it to his classroom. By being exposed to different perspectives, he feels that he has become a better professor.

    This fall, Stringham is teaching Introduction to Technology Applications in Music, Jazz Band, and Methods and Materials for Beginning Instrumental Music.  As a Faculty Associate in CIT, he has applied what he has learned about instructional space and instructional technology to better his courses. Furthermore, he hopes to continue to gain knowledge from CIT and other faculty members to better his courses.