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Faculty Associate Feature: Evan Friss


    Evan Friss is a Faculty Associate in CIT and is part of the Digital Learning & Scholarship team. His role as a Faculty Associate is to provide a faculty perspective in CIT. The projects that he is involved with include the Omeka archive and designing and developing a new program for faculty who have already completed one of the CIT Programs.

    As Faculty Associate in CIT, he enjoys working in collaborative environments with the Digital Learning & Scholarship team. He hopes to learn more about what other faculty are doing around campus, see other faculty benefit from collaborating with CIT, and to improve his own teaching. 

    This fall, Evan Friss is teaching a US History and Digital History course, in which he is piloting some assignments that he wouldn't have if he didn’t have CIT’s support.  For example, in his 110-student HIST 225 course, he is having the students collaborate to build an online archive of oral histories using Omeka. As a history professor, Friss wants his students to have experience with oral histories and learn about online archives. As a Faculty Associate, he wants to test the idea of using digital assignments in large classes and scaling up projects that have been successful in his smaller classes. This semester, he is striving to meet the two goals with one project. 

    CIT also works with the Faculty Associates to help promote their research – be sure to check out Evan Friss’ new book The Cycling City.