High Five!

Faculty Associate Feature: Karina Kline-Gabel


        As a CIT Faculty Associate on the Online & Blended Learning (OBL) team, Karina Kline-Gabel tries to bring in ideas that she feels will benefit instructors and students. In addition, Gabel only supports using technology in ways that are efficient, engaging and provides feedback on what students like and dislike. Gabel is currently using Zaption, a video-based learning application with interactive content and tools, to teach her grammar course this semester.  In her film course, she is using tools within Canvas, such as discussion boards, to finish her class discussions online. Lastly, Gabel’s Practical Spanish course will have synchronous meetings in October to report their observations for their practicum in the community.  

       Along with using various technologies in her classes, Gabel will be assisting the OBL team in offering a new institute on synchronous communication tools. She will also be leading a focus group with representatives from the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) that will offer the OBL team great insight as to how they can better train the faculty. Furthermore, as a Faculty Associate in CIT, she loves interacting with the people she works with, the openness to new ideas, and the flexibility to meet the needs of faculty and students. Gabel hopes to benefit from her experience with CIT and to spread the knowledge she has learned with other faculty members.