High Five!

LTLE 485 Students Put Theory Into Practice

Learning, Technology and Leadership Education students in the Capstone LTLE 485: Development of Materials and Programs class are partnering with the CIT to create active training activities to help faculty be introduced to new instructional technologies. The professor, Nicole Wilson, is working with the students as they create instructional tutorials for faculty introduction to the technology available in JMU technology classrooms as well as beginner resources for Clickers. These student groups are working to create interactive website modules that will help faculty learn more about the use of technologies in their classrooms, as well as interactive tutorials to help introduce faculty to Clickers.

The LTLE 485 course challenges small groups of students to select a client, assess the client’s needs, create a design document that follows the instructional design process, and evaluate the project.  Jamie Calcagno-Roach is serving as the client for both student groups. These projects allow the students to experience what it is like to work in a professional environment and apply what they have been learning in their courses to this point. The students' final projects will be available on the CIT website (http://cit.jmu.edu) upon their completion, make sure to visit again and take a look!