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MADLab: the Media MindSpace

MADLab: the Media MindSpace is a program created by L&ET Media Resources that is facilitated by students for students. MADLab offers free 1-2 hour workshops where JMU students can come learn skills and software for creating videos, podcasts, and using video and photographic equipment. The MADLab environment is relaxed and low-stress because the workshops are facilitated by peer teachers. Students are able to come learn the skills they need to be able to complete a multimedia assignment without worrying about grades or performance.

According to MADLab coordinator Debbie Pugh, “MADLab’s first year has been amazing. Starting a new program is a very difficult task, but I was so fortunate to find four MADLab teachers who were the perfect fit for the launch of a new program.” The four MADLab teachers come from a variety of majors, including Biology, English, SMAD and International Business. These students are Seniors Zach Harwood and Lucy Mink, and Freshmen Brenda Tapp and Brooke Hanger. The MADlab teachers have accomplished a tremendous amount in the past year with the launch of MADLab and have also learned valuable teaching experience and multimedia and software skills that will look great on a resume.

Debbie Pugh said that one of the main reasons MADLab has been so successful in the first year is because the MADLab team has approached the objectives for the workshops using both leadership and self-directed team structures. She said, “[MADLab] has always had the goal to validate and be guided by peer teaching, peer leadership, and the concept of the innovative ‘unclassroom.’ To achieve that, we work in small teams and the MadLab teachers create lesson plans, create original classes, and in all ways, have been given the authority to be equal partners in this endeavor."

In the last year, they have offered 13 sessions and had a total of 52 students attend their workshops. The following is a list of their workshop offerings from Fall 2014-Spring 2015:

  *   Learn How to Edit Your Videos with iMovie in One Hour

  *   How to Set Up and Use Equipment

  *   PhotoShop Basics

  *   PhotoShop Advanced

  *   How to Use a DSLR for Video

  *   Learn How to Create Posters, Brochures, and Ads with PhotoShop

  *   How to Take and Edit Head Shots for Your Portfolio, Audition, or Job Hunt

Watch the video below and visit http://www.lib.jmu.edu/media/madlab/ to learn more about MADLab and to sign up for MADLab workshops!