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MPS Collaborates with Title IX Task Force Team

    Media Production at CIT recently recorded videos that outlined Title IX and how it is enforced at James Madison University. The videos will serve as HR Training for all JMU employees.  The videos were done in collaboration with Title IX Task Force.

    According to the video, “JMU strives to be a leader in efforts to handle incidents of sexual misconduct, and our institution is committed to providing the support and resources we need to achieve our goal of preventing and eliminating sexual misconduct on this campus.” The video breaks down what is under the Title IX and it explains what steps should be taken in order to report to the Office of Equal Opportunity/Title IX.  According to the video, it is important for all employees to be responsible and to report when they see, hear, or learn about any misconduct. The misconduct can include sexual harassment, misconduct, assault or violence. 

    To learn more about Title IX you can go to www.jmu.edu/titleIX .