High Five!

Teaching and Learning with Technology Award - Alison Bodkin


    Congratulations to Alison Bodkin on receiving the Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Technology Award at the TLT Conference on October 26th! CIT uses this award as a way to recognize teachers who have proven themselves as leaders in teaching with technology at JMU.

    Alison Bodkin is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Studies. Bodkin was nominated for the creation of the ShoutOut! JMU blog. ShoutOut! JMU is the only feminist blog on campus and it has been operating for 7 years. The mission of ShoutOut! JMU is to provide the JMU community with accurate and constructive information concerning events, legislation, cultural criticism, and resources for women's rights and personal health on and off campus. The goal of this blog is not to convert readers to feminism, but instead to raise consciousness of the diversity of perspectives toward understanding everyday inequities.

    ShoutOut! JMU blog has over 469,096 views, 2,954 comments, and readers from all over the world such as United States, England, Canada, Australia, and France. The blog takes an interdisciplinary approach, meets weekly for class, and has weekly individual facilitations on a wide range of topics. Many of the students that participate in ShoutOut! JMU, feel that it provides them with the opportunity to voice their opinions and a place to turn to for support.

    High Five to Alison Bodkin for providing a voice to those who need it!