Instructional Design

Digital Learning & Design

The Digital Learning and Design Team collaborates with faculty on the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of digital assignments and projects that develop 21st century skills. Our team includes: Elaine Kaye, Nicole Wilson, Evan Friss (Faculty Associate), and John Boitnott (GA). We provide one on one faculty consults in addition to program design and facilitation. We work closely with many other groups in Innovation Services to help faculty and students succeed as they pursue a wide variety of digital projects.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult please contact Elaine Kaye ( or Nicole Wilson (

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Art of the Digital Assignment | explore. experience. engage: The evolving classroom.

In this immersive series, instructional faculty will explore research, experience digital activities, and engage with their peers and the global digital community.


  • Develop an understanding of the history, theories and principles related to Digital Assignments
  • Discover the evolving role of students as content creators
  • Identify and employ credible resources to stay abreast of emerging and evolving trends in the field and continue to build a supportive network
  • Construct an integrated and comprehensive assessment plan for the created digital assignment
  • Design and present a digital assignment grounded in a theoretical framework and principles presented throughout this immersive program

Teaching with Social Media In Higher Education | 

In this three part series participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the realities of using social media as a teaching and learning tool. The series focuses on current use of social media in higher ed, student perceptions and use, learning theory related to the use of social media, and the logistics of using these tools. The final session will provide participants with time to review social media tools and then work in break-out groups to develop an assignment using social media grounded in sound pedagogy and a plan for implementing these tools.

Teaching Mindfulness in a Digital Environment |

How often do you pay attention to your awareness when you are in a digital environment? What is all of this attention wandering online doing to your brain? Developing our attention and mindfulness practices is a critical 21st century skill for us and for our students.  Through your participation in these sessions and the online community you can learn more about mindfulness in a digital environment and how to incorporate this critical 21st century skill into your teaching practices.


  • Explore mindfulness as a 21st century skill
  • Discover how to develop mindfulness in life in order to develop mindfulness in a digital environment
  • Examine activities, resources and other ideas to integrate mindfulness into teaching and learning practices
  • Participate and contribute to an online community dedicated to promoting mindfulness as a 21st century skill at JMU

Multimodal Composition as Storytelling  | 

A critical skill for students and faculty is to communicate effectively in a 21st century world. Understanding how to read and compose in a multimodal environment is one way to hone these communication skills. In this collaborative program, faculty will learn more about multimodal environments, experience multimodal reading and composing, and develop a multimodal composition assignment.


  • Develop a mindful awareness of the experience of reading multimodal texts.
  • Understand, recognize and apply design elements of multimodal composition.
  • Understand, recognize and evaluate the relationship between modes, message & meaning
  • Create a multimodal composition assignment that models the principles of multimodal composition