Online & Blended Learning

Teaching for 21st Century Peer Mentors and Scholars

(Logo credit: Craig Baugher) 

Teaching for 21st Century Peer Mentors and Scholars Initiative provides a platform for JMU faculty members to explore, experiment, and enunciate insights about teaching for the 21st century. Engaged learning in the 21st Century takes place with ubiquitous utilization of technologies. The emerging learning landscape invites collaborative efforts in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to inform best practice. In pursuit of these goals, a network of faculty members with various areas of expertise and experience can form a peer support community to scaffold informed practice.

Membership Composition:

This initiative consists of faculty members:

  • having experience of teaching with technologies.
  • having interest in researching about teaching and learning with technologies.
  • willing to explore digital pedagogy through interprofessional network.


These will be flexible depending on the matching schedule between faculty members and CIT events. With an estimate of 6-10 hours per semester, the faculty members choose to take part in one or more of the following activities:

  • Provide mentoring to the participants in institutes for online and blended learning.
  • Provide peer analysis feedback to the designed course, in collaboration with a CIT Senior Instructional Designer, to ensure that the course meets the expected milestone and deliverables.
  • Conduct research related to online and blended learning, in collaboration with CIT Senior Instructional Designers, if interested.

Rewards and Benefits:  

  • Stipend: $300 to $500/per semester (about 6 - 10 hours), depending on schedule availability and time commitment
  • Technology resources: to be determined between the faculty peer mentor/scholar and CIT, based on projects/participating events
  • Recognition Letter from the LET Dean and Associate Dean
  • Publicity of scholarly identity
  • Professional networking for the enhancement of engaged learning

Terms of Services:

To be determined by the faculty member and Instructional Design for Online and Blended Learning Group of Innovation Services, Libraries and Educational Technologies.

Need more information? Please contact:

Dr. Matt Brigham (, Faculty Associate with Innovation Services, Graduate Faculty, School of Communication Studies. 
Dr. Juhong Christie Liu (, Senior Instructional Designer, Innovation Services, Libraries and Educational Technologies.