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Online/Remote Exam Proctoring Services

Online exam proctoring or remote exam proctoring refer to the use of technologies, such as webcam, voice and keystroke recognition, screen sharing and recording tools to monitor the progress of students taking online exams. A proctor from a remote location may oversee the progress during a live exam or review the recorded videos and screen-captures after an exam.  

There are a variety of online/remote proctoring services available on the market. After our initial review, we recommend two of them: ProctorU and Remote Proctor NOW. Both services:

  • verify students’ identity by recording their pictures and photo IDs.
  • have trained proctors to monitor or review students taking exams.
  • ask instructors to register exams to-be-proctored on their web sites and specify exam availability at the same time.
  • have a fee for the service.

Some major differences between the two services are provided in the table below:

Proctor U Remote Proctor Now
A live Proctor U proctor will facilitate and monitor an online exam. Remote Proctor NOW will review the recorded videos and screen captures after an exam.
Students need to schedule their exam-taking time beforehand.  
Course instructors provide a password to the proctored exam to Proctor U 2-3 weeks in advance.  
Live Proctor from ProctorU will guide and supervise students logging in to the selected Learning Management System with the exam password. With a lock-down browser provided by Remote Proctor Now, students cannot copy, print or do other things on their computers when taking exams.


If you are interested in getting more details of these two services or scheduling a demo, please contact:
Erik Cederholm, Partnership Representative

Remote Proctor NOW:
Mark Musacchio, Business Development Manager
Twitter: software_secure

If you are interested in what you need to do before using the services in your program or courses, please ask your academic unit to contact:
Procurement Services Office

Note: JMU recommends ONLY using online/remote proctoring services for high-stake assessment. For related information, please check JMU Best Practices for Online Programs at