Online & Blended Learning

Customized Institutes

We offer support and training for departments on campus who are interested in offering courses online. The support and training is offered through a customized institute format, which allows faculty to progress through a series of pedagogical and technology topics that are essential for a successful online course. The institute can be designed around courses that are in a completely online format or a blended format (which is when students meet both online and in a face-to-face environment with their instructor). For information, contact Andrea Adams ( or 568.6568).

Questions to prepare for departmental training and support:

  • Is your department interested in training and support for courses offered in a completely online format or a blended format?
  • How many instructors are interested in participating? How much online teaching experience do they already have?
  • Are there particular days and times when all of the faculty are available to attend a series of customized workshops?

Sample topics, activities and support that we can provide:

  • Customized workshops topics facilitated by our experts and peer faculty facilitators include:
  • Preparing to teach online (design, development and implementation)
  • Best practices in teaching in an online environment including both synchronous and asynchronous
  • Facilitating interaction, communication and collaboration in online courses
  • Assessment and evaluation in an online environment
  • Introduction to technologies that help instructors facilitate an online or blended course
  • Enhancing online instruction with digital video and audio content
  • Copyright and fair use in online teaching
  • JMU Library resources for online teaching
  • Assistance with course redesign; could include working with an instructional technologist and/or peer mentor
  • Assistance with content creation: streaming video; lecture capture; images; online assessments; online discussions
  • Project work time to work on course and/or learn to use instructional technologies with assistance from our staff

Questions for individual instructors to think about:

  • When will the course be offered?
  • Is this a new course or have you taught it in a face-to-face environment in the past?
  • Will the course run in 13-week, 8 week, 6-week, 4-week format?
  • What is your estimated enrollment for your online course?
  • What instructional strategies do you plan to use?
  • How will you incorporate assessment strategies into an online format?
  • Do you have content for the course that is already available in an online environment?
  • What do think will be your student demographics? Examples: (local or distant, availability for face-to-face orientation and/or other meetings, age group, FT or part-time students, technical skills)
  • What are your biggest concerns about moving your course online?