Online & Blended Learning

The Online Learning Consortium

JMU is an institutional member of the Online Learning Consortium (in brief, OLC)!!

The OLC (previously called Sloan-C Consortium) is an internationally recognized society committed to providing quality online and blended education to individuals, institutions, professionals, and corporate community. It provides its members many opportunities to get involved in the latest development of learning technologies and online education.

We now offer the following support to help you access resources and participate events hosted by OLC.

Online resources:
The OLC web site has a variety of resources that you can read and download. It includes:

What you need to do beforehand:

  1. Create an account with your jmu emails at
  2. Connect your individual account with our institution “James Madison University”
  3. Click on those links above to access those resources. If the resources that you are interested are not free, please use the contact information at the bottom of this page and include the following information in your inquiry: name of the resources, link of the resources, and how the resources help your teaching.  

Workshops, seminars, and conferences:
This section lists the OLC professional development opportunities that we support. 

  • Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium
  • Annual Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference & Workshop
  • Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning

Please note that:

  • They may have particular pre-requisites or other requirements. If you have any questions about their requirements, feel free to consult us.  
  • Most of them are offered online unless specified otherwise.
  • They may require participants to be available at a particular time and date for synchronous conversation.
  • If synchronous communication is expected, participants need to have a webcam running on the computers.
  • Except the webinars, certificates will be available to participants who complete teaching certificates, mastery series programs, and workshops.
  • If you are interested in participating any of the following events, please use the contact information at the bottom of this page and include the following information in your inquiry: name of the event, link of the event, how the participation in this event helps your teaching, and the amount of monetary support that you would like to get from us.  

Individual, program, or departmental OLC awards:
OLC invites nominations for outstanding individual, program or departmental contributions related to online education. Call for nominations is usually available from May to mid-July. Awards are presented during the annual OLC International Conference on Online Learning in late October or early November. You may go to to see the list of awards available each year.

If you are interested and would like us to help, please use the contact information below and send us your submission plan or materials. We may help to:


  • identify an appropriate award to apply,
  • polish the application, and
  • provide a support letter from us, etc.

Innovation Services Contact:
Email us at with the subject line as OLC resources and events