Video & Media

Audio/Video Conversion

Converting Video & Audio

The CIT will convert video and audio formats for faculty, such as VHS to a digital version for the web. 

To make a request, please complete the following Media Transcoding Request Form and drop it off with your original media to be converted to CIT located on the 5th floor of Rose Library (568-4836). Call or stop by to learn more about this service. 

Note that, for legal reasons, if the majority of a work is being copied, it will need to be approved by Media Resources who may need to keep the original content in archive for the duration of the use.  If unsure, speak to one of the Media Prodcution Services staff.   To learn more about fair use of copyrighted material in educational settings, check out the JMU Copyright Web Site.

Video Format Transfer

Convert VHS, MiniDV, HDV, DVCAM, DV, and DVD video formats from one format to another.

Convert video from one codec format, such as .wmv, to another format such as .mp4.

Audio Format Transfer

Convert CDs, audio cassettes, and digital audio files into various formats.


Who Can Use the CIT?

CIT Walk-In areas, studios, and edit suites are for faculty/staff/GAs use only. If you have hired an undergraduate student to do some of the work for you in preparation to teach a class, they may also be able to use the CIT walk-in areas if the faculty member completes the request for Student Use Form.

Staff Information

Ashley Caudill, Media Specialist
Jessica Weaver, Media Specialist