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Geospatial Technologies

Video of 2011 May Symposium's Geospatial Presentations
Anne Knowles Bob Kolvoord James Wilson

Anne Knowles

Spatial Thinking Across the Curriculum 

Bob Kolvoord

From High School to College: What GIS Skills are Students Bringing to JMU

James Wilson

The Spectrum of Mapping/GIS Applications: Mobile Phones, Web Browsers, Desktop Applications


Video Recordings of Presentations from the Google Earth & Geospatial Projects on the Shenandoah Valley event held January 18, 2011

Welcome - D.Lee Beard, Center for Instructional Technology

Mapping Historical Resources, Harrisonburg, VA - Kevin Borg, History Department

Interactive Geologic Maps of Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley Region - Steve Whitmeyer, Geology & Environmental Science

Creating 3-D Content in Google Earth Using Sketchup - Steve Anderson, School of Media Arts and Design

Digitally-enhanced Comparative Exploration of Environmental and Geologic Features in Virginia & Ireland - Eric Pyle, Geology & Environmental Science & Mike Renfroe, Biology Department

The Geography of Virginia Through Time - James Wilson, Integrated Science and Technology

The Travels of James Madison - Bill Ingham, Physics & Astronomy Department (Emeritus)

Closing Comments on the Future of Geospatial Technologies & Support at James Madison University - D.Lee Beard & James Wilson

Geospatial Content Created by JMU Faculty

Google Earth maps and visualizations

Visit JMU: A 3D campus view of James Madison University (JMU faculty involved in the creation of 3D JMU buildings: Steven Anderson & D.Lee Beard, but many students made significant contributions to this project).

KMZ file download: Digitally-enhanced Comparative Exploration of Environmental and Geologic Features in Virginia & Ireland (JMU Faculty involved: Eric Pyle and Michael Renfroe).

CIT Workshop Opportunities

Creating Basic Content in Google Earth


Tutorial Resources

Google Earth Outreach Tutorials 

Sketchup Video Tutorials

KML Tutorials

KML Handbook (a great resource for advanced users)

Google Earth Map Development Tools (shared by Steve Whitmeyer of the Geology and Environmental Sciences Department at JMU):


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