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Create flash-based web sites.

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Sync your files to other computers or mobile devices. Share your files with colleagues and backup your files online.

Understanding Cloud Storage (Videos)

Backing Up Files with Dropbox (Videos)

Using (Videos)

Using the Dropbox on your Desktop (Videos)


Create and collaborate on interactive multimedia timelines.

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An easy-to-use blog that allows users to post text, photos, links, music, videos and more all for free.

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SciPlore MindMapping

Visualize and manage PDF reference of writing projects with mind maps for free.

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Develop your multimedia portfolio on this electronic portfolio system for free.

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Create diagrams online through a web browser collaboratively in real-time for free.

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JMUtube is for the faculty and staff of JMU to store and deliver audio, video, and presentation files. JMUtube includes options for sharing via page links, rss feeds, and embedding.

JMUtube Access (Website)

JMUtube Help (Website)


HandBrake is a free video transcoding software application. HandBrake works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. HandBrake supports many source formats and creates outputs to various audio and video file formats. It also includes other features such as chapter selection and subtitles.

HandBrake Downloads (Website)

HandBrake User Manual (Website)


Audacity is a free audio editing and recording software. It includes numerous features such as recording live audio, editing sound files, changing the speed or pitch or a recording, and cutting, copying, or mixing sounds. Audacity works on Winsows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Audacity 1.2 User Manual (Website)

Audacity 1.3 User Manual (Website)


iMovie is the standard video editing program for the Mac that is part of Apple’s iLife suite. iMovie includes everything you need to create sophisticated video presentations, while at the same time giving helpful templates and tools to make the casual user’s experience all that more fun. Features include the ability to organize videos, drag and drop sequencing, editing tools, the ability to add titles, transitions, and effects, and the ability to share videos in a variety of formats.

Installing iMovie

Interface Overview


Flickr is a free online tool that makes it easy to share photos on the web. It is owned by Yahoo!, so the program requires a Yahoo! ID for access. Flickr's features include limited free monthly uploads, organizing features such as tagging and creating sets, and editing options using Picknik. Flickr also has a group feature for collaboration and sharing. 

Flickr Handout (PDF)

Flikr Help Resources (Webpage)

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is an affordable digital image manipulation program made by Adobe. It is the "little brother" of Adobe Photoshop, a professional level program used by image editors all over the world. Photoshop is generally considered to be at the top of the heap when it comes to image editing, but also comes with a learning curve that can make it difficult for the casual user to really use it effectively, not to mention its high retail price. Photoshop Elements started as a way of making digital image manipulation affordable. The straightforward interface of Photoshop Elements, moreover, often makes commonly used tasks easier to access than the full version of Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

Photoshop Elements Tutorial (PDF)

Photoshop Elements: Getting Started (Videos)

Photoshop Elements 7 Help Resources (Videos)

Photoshop Elements 8 Help Resources (Videos)

Selection Tools (Video)

Beginner Essential Training (Videos)

Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is the little brother to Adobe’s professional grade non-linear editor Premiere Pro. But don’t mistake it for a lesser tool. Premiere Elements includes everything you need to create sophisticated video presentations, numerous import options, easy to use editing tools, titles, transitions, effects, and a number of output options. Premeiere Elements is a PC only tool.

What is Premiere Pro? (Video)

Premiere Elements Tutorial (PDF)

Premiere Elements 7 Help Resources (Videos)

Premiere Elements 8 Help Resources (Videos)

Premiere Elements Getting Started (Videos)


Using YouTube, you may upload and share videos with the public or a limited number of audience. You may search video clips that fit your needs and embed them in your PPT presentation, web site and Blackboard course management system. For additional information about the series of the social media workshop, please visit our blog at

What is YouTube? (Videos)

How to Grow a Successfull YouTube Channel (Video)

YouTube Handout (Resource Blog)

Flip Camcorder

Flip Camcorder (or Flip Camera or Flip Cam) is a pocket-size and user-friendly video camcorder. It can capture videos in 640x480 or 1280 x 720 resolution, at 30 frames per second and export them in MP4 format. With its built-in software named FlipShare, users may capture, edit and share videos in a few minutes. It has been reported in many studies that Flip Cam can help to create an authentic learning environment and improve students' engagement and class participation.

Introduction to Flip Camcorders (Video)

Flip Camcorders: Instructional Uses (Flash Presentation)

FlipCam Tutorial (PDF)