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Lecture Capture & Screen Recording: Instructional Uses and Tools

Lecture capture and screen recording technologies provide new opportunities to extend student's learning experience beyond the physical classroom. Such tools can simply supplement face-to-face courses, be used as a means to facilitate blended courses, or serve as a major component of an online course. In this presentation, you'll be introduced to ways that screen recording and lecture capture technologies can be used to serve vital teaching and learning purposes. You will also learn about what technologies can facilitate the process and the features of each.

Lecture Capture and Screen Recording Online Workshop (video)


Prezi is an online presentation tool. Prezi is a non-linear presentation software that utilizes a whiteboard canvas over traditional slides. Ideas can be placed on the canvas in any order and can include audio, video, images, and text. Presentations can be organized and set up in a flow through grouping and path features. Since Prezi is non-linear, it is easy to zoom in or out of portions of a presentation to focus on specific ideas and to move outside of a pre-defined path if needed with ease and without disrupting the flow of the presentation.

Introduction (Video)

Basic Tutorial/Overview (Video)

Steps to a Great Prezi (Video)

Prezi Help Resources (Website)

Prezi Manual (Website)


Inspiration is a tool designed for creating visual maps, outlines, and presentations. Inspiration includes tools that allow for creating rich maps and presentations, including the ability to add text and symbols, add notes, add hyperlinks, and create links between concepts. Inspiration works on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Inspiration 8 Introductory Resources for PC (Videos)

Inspiration 8 Advanced Resources for PC (Videos)

Inspiration 9 Resources for PC (Videos)

Inspiration 8 Introductory Resources for Mac (Videos)

Inspiration 8 Advanced Resources for Mac (Videos)


ScreenFlow is a screen recording tool designed for recording on-screen actions in order to demonstrate a specific piece of software or other electronic resource. ScreenFlow works on the Mac operating system. ScreenFlow allows for creating full or partial screen recordings. Features include the ability to record audio narration, record computer audio, or record a webcam. The final product is viewable as an Adobe Flash video.

Intro to Screen Casting (Videos)

Recording with ScreenFlow (Videos)

ScreenFlow Tutorial (PDF)

ScreenFlow Help Resources (Videos)

Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay is a tool for capturing lectures and recording presentations. Relay contains basic in and out point trimming, but not sophisticated editing. Rather,  Relay is designed for quickly creating and publishing lectures and presentations occurring on the screen with audio narration. Camtasia Relay works on both PC and Mac platforms and also includes a portable drive install.

Getting Started (Video)

Online Tutorials (Webpage)

Relay Tutorial (PDF)


Jing is a tool for capturing still pictures and creating short onscreen videos. Jing works on both PC and Mac platforms.

Jing Handout (PDF)

Jing Help Resources (Videos)

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a tool for creating asynchronous online presentations with narration from standard PowerPoint presentations. Presenter’s key advantage over similar tools is that it is played primarily through the Flash plug-in, which creates a finished product that makes extremely efficient use of its file size. Flash is already installed and configured for more than 95% of all browsers, which makes for a trouble-free viewing experience for your users.

Adobe Presenter 7 Tutorial (PDF)

Quick Start Guide (Videos)

Getting Started (Video)

Adding and Syncing Audio (Video)

Adobe Captivate

Captivate allows you to record a sequence of events on your computer in order to demonstrate a specific piece of software or other electronic resource. Your final product is an Internet standard Flash file, making it very small in terms of files size while still retaining a fairly high level of quality.

Adobe Captivate: Beginner (Video)

Adobe Captivate: Interface (Videos)

Adobe Captivate: Creating a Project (Videos)

Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial (PDF)

Adobe Captivate 5 Recording PowerPoint Lectures (PDF)

Adobe Captivate 5 Help Resources (Online Tutorials)