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Learn about the world's largest social reading and publishing company.

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Sync your files to other computers or mobile devices. Share your files with colleagues and backup your files online.

Understanding Cloud Storage (Videos)

Backing Up Files with Dropbox (Videos)

Using (Videos)

Using the Dropbox on your Desktop (Videos)


Create and collaborate on interactive multimedia timelines.

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Annotate the web, share with others, and access information from anywhere.

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CIT Social Media

Need some assistance or want to learn more about incorporating Social Media into your class?  Check out the CIT Social Media Blog! 

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Prezi is an online presentation tool. Prezi is a non-linear presentation software that utilizes a whiteboard canvas over traditional slides. Ideas can be placed on the canvas in any order and can include audio, video, images, and text. Presentations can be organized and set up in a flow through grouping and path features. Since Prezi is non-linear, it is easy to zoom in or out of portions of a presentation to focus on specific ideas and to move outside of a pre-defined path if needed with ease and without disrupting the flow of the presentation.

Introduction (Video)

Basic Tutorial/Overview (Video)

Steps to a Great Prezi (Video)

Prezi Help Resources (Website)

Prezi Manual (Website)

Google Docs

Google Docs makes creating, editing and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations simple and free. Your docs are stored safely online, so you can access them any time, from anywhere. Create a doc from scratch, upload an existing doc or browse the template gallery for a format that suits your needs – it’s easy. You can even use Google Docs to create an online form to collect data from others.

Using Google Docs (Video)

Create and Share Documents (Video)

Create and Share Presentations (Video)

Google Docs Spreadsheet Resources (Video)

Google Docs Documents Resources (Video)

Google Docs Presentations Resources (Video)


WordPress is an open source content management tool. WordPress originally began as blogging software, but now has evolved and can also be used for website creation. WordPress includes thousands of plug-ins, widgets, and themes that allow users to customize websites to meet practically any need. WordPress includes numerous features that allow for customizing a site including creating posts that include text, images, video, or audio, rating the quality of posts, commenting on posts created by other users, organizing content through the use of tabs and categories, generating pages that display information in dynamic or static ways, selecting a custom theme to enhance the look and feel of the site, and setting up a profile that includes a name, contact information, and photo.

Help Resources (Videos)

Author User Resources (Videos)

Tutorials (Website)

User Community (Website)

Themes (Website)

Plugins (Website)

Blogging: Exploring the Possibilities

Exploring the Possibilities ... Blogging is a guide that includes examples of blogs, Blogger Help videos, and resources to get you starting on instructional blogging with Google's Blogger. The guide itself is an example of a Blogger blog to give you ideas on how you can combine, text, photos, and video with this no cost, easy-to-use social media tool.

Blogging Tutorial (Resource Blog)

Blogs and Wikis

Blogs and Wikis is a guide that includes examples of how instructors are using blogs and wikis for student learning.  The guide provides resources with practical advise on using these social media tools.  This resources is an example of a Google Sites wiki, and lets you see how you or a group of students can create a web site that combine text, photos, and videos with no specialized knowledge and at no cost.

Blogs and Wikis Tutorial (Resource Wiki)


Flickr is a free online tool that makes it easy to share photos on the web. It is owned by Yahoo!, so the program requires a Yahoo! ID for access. Flickr's features include limited free monthly uploads, organizing features such as tagging and creating sets, and editing options using Picknik. Flickr also has a group feature for collaboration and sharing. 

Flickr Handout (PDF)

Flikr Help Resources (Webpage)